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Municipality of Norfolk Treherne
P.O. Box 30, 215 Broadway Street
Manitoba  R0G 2V0
Phone: (204) 723-2044
Fax: (204) 723-2719
Email: info@treherne.ca
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Local Government - By-Laws and Policies
Municipality of Norfolk Treherne By-Laws & Policies
2017 Taxation By-Law 32-2017

Animal Control By-Law 23-2016

Burning Regulation for Urban Communities By-Law 13-2016

Complaints Management and Requests for Service Handling Policy

Council Code of Conduct Policy

Council Compensation By-Law 15-2015

Civic Addressing By-Law 27-2017

Donation Receipts Procedure

Dust Control

Fees & Charges By-Law 16-2015

Fire Protection Support Service By-Law 17-2016

2018 Frozen Water Meter Policy

Local Improvement - Treherne Water & Wastewater Renewal Part 2

Lottery Licensing By-Law 5-2015

Organizational By-Law 29-2017

Organizational Chart

Prevention and Control of Wildland Fires By-Law 30-2017
Procedures By-Law 28-2017

Reduced-Speed School Zone By-Law 31-2017

Rural Approaches Procedure

Tax, Utility, or any Payment Policy

Treherne Lagoon Dumping Fee Policy

Treherne Utility Borrowing By-Law 38-2017

Unsightly Property By-Law 35-2017

Urban Approaches/Curb Removal Policy

The most current by-law of the former Town of Treherne or Rural Municipality of Norfolk will take precedent until a new by-law or policy is adopted by the Municipality of Norfolk Treherne.
Town of Treherne By-Laws & Policies

Bleacher Use Policy (pdf)
Election Campaign Finances (pdf)

Greetings Request Policy (pdf)
Kinroom Rental (pdf)
Picnic Table Rental Policy (pdf)
Sewer Protection (pdf)

Sign Message Request (pdf)
Snow Removal Policy (pdf)

Tendering and Procurement Policy

Traffic By-Law

Treherne Water & Sewer By-law

Water Billing - Rental Properties (pdf)

Rural Municipality of South Norfolk By-Laws & Policies