Local Government - Budget, By-Laws and Policies
Municipality of Norfolk Treherne Budget, By-Laws & Policies

2021 Taxation By-Law No. 75-2021

2021 Financial Plan

2020 Taxation By-Law No. 60-2020

2020 Financial Plan

2019 Audit

2019 Financial Plan Presentation 

2019 Taxation By-Law No. 52-2019

2019 Financial Plan

Accessibility Plan

Amend Borrowing By-Law 26-2016

Animal Control By-Law 23-2016

Bleacher Use Policy 2012

Burning Regulation for Urban Communities By-Law 13-2016

Central Assiniboine Watershed District By-Law No. 57-2020

Complaints Management and Requests for Service Handling Policy

Council Code of Conduct Policy

Council Code of Conduct By-Law No. 66-2020

Council Compensation By-Law 2020

Civic Addressing By-Law 27-2017

Designated Officers By-Law No. 62-2020

Donation Receipts Procedure

Dust Control Policy

Election Campaign Expenses and Contribution By-Law 40-2018

Election Expenditures Reserve Fund By-Law No. 70-2020

Establish a Ward System By-Law No. 74-2021

Exempt Lands from Taxation - Treherne Friendship Centre Inc. By-Law No. 68-2020

Fees & Charges By-Law 16-2015

Fire Protection Support Service By-Law 17-2016

Frozen Water Meter Policy 2015

Greetings Request Policy 2012

Kinroom Rental 2010

Lavenham Water Utility Rates By-Law No. 55-2020

Local Improvement - Treherne Water & Wastewater Renewal Part 2 By-Law No. 26-2016

Lottery Licensing By-Law 5-2015

Open a Municipal Road By-Law No. 59-2020

Organizational By-Law No. 71-2021

Organizational Chart

Picnic Table Rental Policy 2012

Prevention and Control of Wildland Fires By-Law 30-2017

Private Works By-Law 2012/13

Private Works Application

Drainage Application - Landowner Consent Form

Private Works Policy 2012 (Rates)
Procedures By-Law No. 72-2021

Property Standards By-Law No. 65-2020

PW - Mowing Municipal Property

Redboine Watershed District By-Law No. 58-2020

Reduced-Speed School Zone By-Law 31-2017

Repeal Municipal Airport Commission By-Law No. 69-2020

Road Signage Policy 2014

Rural Approaches Procedure

Sign Message Request 2012 

Snow Removal Policy 2011

Tax, Utility, or any Payment Policy

Tendering & Procurement Policy 2020

Traffic By-Law No. 915-2014

Tree Removal Policy

Treherne Lagoon Dumping Fee Policy

Treherne Sewer Protection By-Law 888/2011

Treherne Special Service By-Law 50-2019

Treherne Special Service By-Law for Urban Area of Treherne By-Law 61-2020

Treherne Utility Borrowing By-Law 38-2017

Treherne Water & Sewer Rates By-law 891/2012

Unsightly Property By-Law 42-2018

Urban Approaches/Curb Removal Policy

Vacant & Derelict Buildings By-Law No. 64-2020

Water Billing - Rental Properties 2010

Zoning Rural Amendment By-Law 47-2018

Zoning Urban Amendment By-Law 48-2018

The most current by-law of the former Town of Treherne or Rural Municipality of South Norfolk will take precedent until a new by-law or policy is adopted by the Municipality of Norfolk Treherne.