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Rathwell Sidewalk RFP - Broadway Street




The Municipality of Norfolk Treherne is inviting requests for proposal to remove, frame and pour a new sidewalk with rolled curb in Rathwell, Manitoba. The objective is to have this work completed by October 15, 2017.


Sidewalk removal and replacement is required for a ½ block on Broadway Street in Rathwell, MB (from backlane of Railway Ave to hydro pole on north side of Rathwell Community Hall). This section of sidewalk has suffered from heaving and breaking up in many spots. 

  1. Remove approximately 243’ linear feet of sidewalk that is 7 ½ feet wide.

  2. 20’ of back lane (behind Post Office) must be returned to gravel (match area conditions). All materials must be supplied by contractor and finished appropriately.

  3. Supply and install approximately 223’ linear feet of rolled curb with 4” thick sidewalk (maximum width being 7 ½ feet) that includes:

  1. Extra 2” depth at driveway crossing (one 20’ approach to grey tin paint shop) with appropriate sloping and tie ins to existing pad to allow for ground level access.

  2. Rebar

    1. 24” on centre #10mm width ways

    2. 4 rounds #10mm lengthways

  3. 6” base gravel

  4. All labour

  5. Concrete must be a minimum of 5500psi with air.

It is expected that the named contractor would supply fill and seed to grass (sidewalk edges) as well as remove crumbling sidewalk, frame, prep, pour and seal new sidewalk with curb.  Old sidewalk concrete will be kept by the Municipality and piled at the Rathwell Public Work shop. Feel free to list any recommendations to enhance the project & quote seperately if felt items were missed.


Request for Proposal – deadline June 30, 2017 4:00 p.m. Must be sealed and marked “Rathwell Sidewalk Project”, Box 30, Treherne, MB R0G 2V0”. Prices quoted must have GST and PST listed seperately.

Opening of RFP – done by CAO & Manager of Operations on July 4, 2017.

All work shall be completed prior to October 15, 2017.


Full payment will follow after project completion and invoice submitted to Municipality of Norfolk Treherne.


All submitted proposals will be opened on July 4, 2017. Council may award the winning bid based on information provided. Disclaimer: the Municipality is not required to accept a bid if Council decides not to proceed with the project, if all bids are too high, or if none meet the needs of the Municipality. The Municipality retains the right to reject the lowest or any bid.  


In order to comply with the Municiaplity’s safety plan, we are required to make sure all contractors are compliant. Please provide us with your Workers Compensation Board (WCB) account number as well as your COR certification number. If your company is not COR certified, then please provide us with an electronic copy of your safety and health plan. This can be e-mailed to


Minimum of one year warranty on workmanship is required.