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Treherne Water and Sewer Renewal Project Phase II


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Treherne MB R0G2V0

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Dear Resident,

The Municipal Office would like to notify you that Phase II of the water main and sewer main renewal project that started August 13, 2018 with the contract being awarded to Mac’s Rentals (1986) Ltd will continue work in 2019.  2018 saw the first phase complete the installation of 800’ of new water line from the Service Road by Treherne Collision to create a loop that connected to Oborne Street; new watermain for Clark Street installed; and sewer main and manhole repairs in various sections of town.

Water mains affected by this 2019 project include: Alexander Street, west side Kelly Ave, Wilcox Drive,  and backlane  south of Railway Avenue between Boyne Street and Smith Street. Other water mains may be added if funding allows. It is expected that each block will have the water main shut down for a few days to weeks while they are installing and connecting the new main to each service line. Temporary water service lines will be used to provide services to the affected homes/businesses where the service will be disconnected for several hours or more. The contractor will inform those specifically affected with the details of how this connection and temporary service will be provided.  All properties need an outside tap to have these services connected. The contractor will need access to homes to operate the inside water valve and will also check private sewer connections when required.  Roadways may be closed off as the work progresses and howeowners may need to make temporary arrangements for vehicle access during this time. Curbstops have been located and some are on private property – these will be removed and new lines and curbstops will be installed on public property. Residents need to allow contractors access to the curbstop to make these necessary repairs. There will be digging in the boulevard as well as on private property to connect your water line to the new water main. It is inevitable that some infrastructure and trees may need to be removed as the new water main line is placed. Topsoil for each excavated area may be a few inches higher to allow for settlement. The contractor will make arrangements to water all areas seeded until sprouted but then homeowners are expected to assist after contractors leave. Repair work, including sidewalk, driveways and pavement reconstruction will not be completed until the watermain work is completed so we ask residents to please be patient as this will take time.

Discolored water will likely occur as flushing and hydrant use througout the project may be required. We recommend if you experience discolored water to let the cold water tap run for 5 minutes and then let it settle for 30 minutes. If water is still discolored after a day or two – please call the office to notify.

Work will commence after the May long weekend with temporary lines being installed in advance on Wilcox Drive and Kelly Ave. Mac’s Rentals (1986) Ltd. is the contractor that is responsible for the project.  They will provide notice to residents where mains will be replaced with specific details to those directly affected along with their contact information. Check website under notices for updates as project progresses.


Municipality of Norfolk Treherne