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Treherne Utility - Water Flushing Scheduled


November 7, 2019 Update - Water Flushing continues and the plan is to start at 9:00 a.m. with South Street/backlane of Ennis Crescent, Timmerman Trail, Barkwell Place then moving onto Railway Ave, Perrie Ave and Oborne Street to John Deere and MNT shop. The hope is to move to the north end of town in the afternoon that will include Clark Street, Wilcox Drive, Alexander Street and the Service Road.

November 6, 2019 Update - Day 1 did not go as well as hoped and today works started on Griffin Street again. The plan for the remainder of the day is to continue with the Day 2 schedule and hoping to complete some of Day 3 locations by moving onto Oborne Street and Railway Ave to John Deere/MNT shop. Tomorrow will be the north side of town. Updates will be posted in the morning. 

Treherne Water Main Flushing

Water main flushing is planned for Tuesday, November 5th through to Thursday, November 7th, 2019 estimated between the hours of 9:00am – 5:00pm. These hours may be extended if required to complete necessary work. The whole town may experience low pressure to no water or discoloured water during the flushing period.


We strongly advise that you DO NOT use your water service when lines are flushed in your area as rusty or discoloured water from the water main may be drawn into your piping system and hot water tank.  This water may stain your laundry, plumbing fixtures, etc. or potentially block the water meter screen reducing water pressure.


Residents may want to do the following prior to 9:00am:

  1. Store enough water to use for drinking, toilet flushing and domestic use.  You may flush the toilet during this time as the sewers will not be affected.  However, make sure that when flushing, water is not being drawn from the water line but instead from water that you have stored in containers.

  2. Turn off the main shut off valve (normally located beside the water meter) to prevent accidental use during this time period. Then shut the breaker off for the hot water tank to prevent element burn out in case the tank drains.  It is highly recommended to drain the hot water tank regularly to remove any debris build up that may be inside.  Sediment in hot water tanks get stirred up during use and causes dirty water to flow from the hot water tank throughout your lines. 

  3. If turning the main shut off valve is impossible or inconvenient, and you have an automatic water softener, disconnect the water softener to prevent it from drawing water.  Also remember to do this for ice makers, etc. 

  4. If you have a fire sprinkler system, notify your insurance company of possible down time.


You should be able to turn your water back on after 5:00pm.  However, if you still see maintenance staff on the street, please do not use any water as they may be experiencing problems due to unforeseen circumstances.   Run your cold water tap for a few minutes to clear the water before using hot water and refilling your hot water tank.  If work was done in your area, and in the morning your water is still murky after running the cold tap for a few minutes or pressure has dropped, please call the Municipal Office at (204) 723-2044 to report.


If you would like the latest news including more specific dates and times of flushing please join the email info list by emailing .  Thank you to everyone who has already signed up and for your patience during this process!


Day 1: Boyne St completed, started Smith St.

Day 2: Continuing with Smith St, Broadway St, South Street, McCoig St, Griffin St, Vanzile St, Trailer Bay, Ennis Cres.

Day 3: Andrews Ave, Timmerman Trail, Barkwell Place, Oborne St, Perrie Ave, Railway Ave to John Deere/MNT shop, Alexander St, Runner Ave, Kelly Ave, Clark St, Wilcox Drive, and Service Rd.

Day 4: If necessary, to complete.