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Youth Engagement Leader - MYJC Treherne



Title: Youth Engagement Leader, Manitoba Youth Job Centre Program (MYJC)
Department: Economic Development and Training
Term of Employment: May 5, 2020 – August 21, 2020
Positions Available: 44
Salary: $12.77/hour (STEP Level 3)


To operate one of the forty-three Manitoba Youth Job Centres from May 5 to August 21. The Centres provide job search assistance, first work experience, and referral services to youth ages 12 – 29 in rural Manitoba Communities. The MYJC Youth Engagement Leader will be required to work directly with the public and clients serviced by the MYJC and maintain a positive community image for both the MYJC and young people.


1) Administration
a. Attend the 3-day training workshop in Winnipeg May 5 – 7, 2020;
b. Organize and set up the rural MYJC office according to program guidelines;
c. Record statistical information and prepare weekly, monthly and seasonal statistical reports;
d. Prepare narrative reports for MYJC Program Staff and Sponsoring Committee;
e. Assist in the evaluation of the Job Centre and the MYJC program;

2) Advertising and Promotion
a. Promote the MYJC to potential employers, students, youth and community groups;
b. Design and conduct presentations to schools and community groups promoting the Job Centre and it’s services;
c. Conduct personal visits with employers to promote the Job Centre and it’s services;
d. Design and distribute materials to advertise services provided by the Job Centre;
e. Provide students, youth and employers with information on government and community service programs when requested;
f. Participate in activities that maintain a productive activity level throughout the work term. Such activities may involve community development projects but should not interfere with the provision of MYJC services;

3) Operating Odd Job Squad
a. Register youth ages 12-16 to develop a summer Odd Job Squad.
b. Hold events throughout the employment term that teach youth first job skills.

4) Job Search Assistance
a. Provide cover letter and resume assistance to students and youth;
b. Provide job search assistance to students and youth;
c. Provide interview preparation help to students and youth.

5) Facilitating Workshops
a. Conduct First Job Certificate Program workshops to students and youth;
b. Conduct cover letter and resume workshops to students and youth.

6) Other
a. Attend and actively participate in the MYJC training session and the regional meetings called by the MYJC Program Coordinator;
b. Work cooperatively with your Sponsoring Committee members. This includes maintaining regular contact, providing copies of narrative and statistical reports and reporting absences from the office for community visits, meetings and time off.


The Program Coordinator and the Sponsoring Committee provide day-to-day supervision. The incumbent must show self-initiative in determining priorities and carrying out duties. The incumbent must be self-motivated and able to work independently with minimum supervision.


 Expenditures for office supplies and advertising;
 Absences from work and requests for time off;
 Any complaints or problems regarding the Manitoba Youth Job Centre and its services; and,
 Inquiries regarding the details of other government programs.


The incumbent must be able to produce accurate, quality work. The position requires excellent skills in problem solving, multi-tasking, communications and human relations. The position requires an individual who can work co-operatively and effectively within diverse working relationships.

Please e-mail resumes to or mail to Box 30, Treherne, MB R0G 2V0.