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Urban Community Dog Owners



With spring in the air and the snow almost gone, it’s that time of year when evidence is left on lawns from the winter months.

The Council of the Municipality of Norfolk Treherne asks all pet owners to please be considerate of other property owners.  Be conscientious pet owners and help make the communities of Lavenham, Rathwell and Treherne pleasant for all residents to live in.

A few things for pet owners to remember:

1.         Ensure your pet is on a leash at all times when off your property.

2.         Don’t let your pet run loose.

3.         Clean up any pet feces.

4.         Constant barking is disturbing to the neighborhood - please take this into consideration if your dog is left outside. 

Please help make your community a clean and friendly place to live in - become a respected pet owner.

To view the Animal Control By-Law, please visit, Local Government, Municipality of Norfolk Treherne, By-Laws & Policies.



Dog Tags are to be renewed by April 30, 2021.

The annual license fee of $20.00 is payable at the Municipal Office.

All dogs must have proof of rabies vaccination in the past 24 months.

All dogs 6 months and over must be licensed.

Limit of 2 dogs per residential unit.

Fines for unlicensed dogs or other offences are as follows:

· 1st offence - $50

· 2nd offence - $100

· Each subsequent offense - $200 

Thank you,

Municipality of Norfolk Treherne Council