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Dutch Elm Disease Surveys


Subject: Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development, Forestry and Peatlands Branch - Dutch Elm Disease Surveys/Invasive Forest Pest Monitoring/COVID-19

·         Dutch elm disease surveys and emerald ash borer monitoring will be moving forward again this season in participating communities.

·         Provincial surveyors will be driving or walking around both public and private properties while they work.

·         Surveyors wear high visibility vests and government issued identification. This year, staff will also be wearing masks or other personal protective equipment (PPE), due to COVID-19.

·        In support of physical distancing measures, our staff may not approach every resident or house before entering onto properties to conduct surveys. 

·        Surveyors will still ring doorbells or knock on doors prior to taking branch samples, marking trees, or identifying firewood piles for removal under the Dutch elm disease management program.

·        Our staff will always maintain at least two metres distance between themselves and others, and we ask that residents respect this policy when approaching our staff as well.

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