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Emergency Information

Municipality of Norfolk Treherne's Emergency Information

CRFY 920 am is the primary the Municipality's Emergency communications radio station. If the Municipality's Emergency Plan is activated the radio and website will be updated on a regular basis. Notification will also be emailed out to residents that have registered their email address with the Municipal Office. To register your email please call 204-723-2044, if you have already given us your email address for utility readings you don't need to call in.

The Municipality's emergency plan is not applicable for regular municipal emergency services. It is intended to address the following situations:
 ‘disaster’ means a calamity, however caused, which is beyond the capability of the normal community emergency response services and has resulted in or may result in: The loss of life; or Serious harm or damage to the safety, health or welfare of people; or Wide-spread damage to property 

For more information on the emergency plan click on General Information and Alerting Procedures.
The following information is provided as an Emergency Quick Reference Guide:
Emergency Phone Numbers fill out the rest of the information, print, and post on your fridge!

The following are fact sheets containing flood related information:

Visit the Manitoba Emergency Preparedness Website for more information: